Acacia Water nominated for the NABC 2020 award!

Vote for Acacia Water!

This is just great! Acacia Water is nominated for the ‘Doing Business in Africa’ Award by the Netherlands-African Business Council (

You might have a hard time seeing our specialists at work in Africa because we work in the background helping businesses, governments, civil society and institutes in their response to water challenges.

But if you do see us, you know that we have our feet in the African clay and that we know how limited access to fresh water impacts lives, the environment and economies every day. This is where we provide practical fitting solutions that improve safe and sufficient water where needed the most. Whether we help farmers, communities, SMEs or large food & beverage companies, our strength is that we focus on getting results in the field and on the ground together.

The strong linkages between water availability and the susceptibility to Covid-19 made our work more relevant as ever, this is why we would like you to help us! How? We want your vote – the ‘Doing Business in Africa’ Award acknowledges and supports our work and provides the opportunity to move beyond.

Please vote here ( and together we work towards a better world.

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