Water quality approach presented in Denmark

Land Use and Water Quality Conference

This month three or our colleagues visited the Land Use and Water Quality conference (https://www.luwq2019.dk/) in Aarhus, Denmark, where the effects of agriculture and land use on the environment were central. This conference is held once every two years. This time there were participants from 29 countries present from the scientific, advisory and policy sectors. The problem of water quality is still far from being resolved and is a major concern for the sectors that need to improve quality.


The contribution of Acacia Water consisted of the following presentations:
- Sieger Burger: Presentation entitled ”Benefits of a participatory approach to monitoring surface water quality” about the participatory measurements (Fixeau mobile) that we are undertaking in the north of the Netherlands in collaboration with the water boards;

- Maarten Waterloo: Presentation entitled ”Assessment of the effect of water quality measures under current and future climate and farming scenarios using a two-step modeling approach” on the modeling of crop protection products in the Drentsche Aa in collaboration with the Hunze en Aa’s Water Board and the way farmers are involved in testing the models and the formulation of measures;

- Tine te Winkel: Presentation on ”The potential role of natural capital and ecosystem services in stopping peat oxidation in the Dutch province of Flevoland” where the economic aspects of measures in the Spaarwater project were presented.

The abstracts of the conference are published in a Volume of Abstracts (https://www.luwq2019.dk/upload/LuWQ2019_Volume_of_Abstracts_22-May-2019.pdf). The conference provided a good opportunity to share knowledge and approach with other participants in the conference and to exchange experiences.

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