Improving Sustainable Groundwater Exploration with Amended Geophysics

Application of new geophysical methods in Kenya

To support innovative development the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs finances through VIA Water the ‘Improving Sustainable Groundwater Exploration with Amended Geophysics’ (ISGEAG) project. ISGEAG aims to apply traditional, existing and new geophysical methods in 3 reasonably well researched areas in Kenya (Kajiado, Mombasa and Kakuma).

The research will show the limitations of different geophysical methods, study their best combination for each different context and improve the interpretation of the measurements. An on-the-job training trajectory for Kenyan hydrogeologists, geologists, geophysicists as well as students from related studies runs parallel to the research program.

This will result in better interpreted, consistent and well-founded assessment of geophysical survey results, leading to better drilling results and a more sustainable abstraction of groundwater. Hence, the burden of fetching water is alleviated and occurrence of water-related diseases reduced. This particularly benefits the urban population, the poorest, women and children.

The ISGEAG project is a partnership between Acacia Water (lead), SamSam Water, KenGen and AMREF Health Africa in Kenya, with the project period running from 1st of August 2016 until 31st of July 2018.