Water management in the Sudanese dessert

IWRM and flood management in Khartoum, Sudan

The prolonging droughts in Southern and East Africa threatens the region with extreme water and food shortages. Also in Sudan. Within the ‘Water for Three States’ project Acacia Water works on the improved access to safe drinking water and sanitation. It investigates the water balance of 15 catchment areas in cooperation with the Aqua4East Partnership, with Dutch foundation ZOA in the lead.


Acacia Water expands local knowledge about the water system through the execution of hydrological assessment studies and the development of hydrological models in combination with on-the-ground verification. The development of hydrological models gives insight in the difference between water demand and availability. In this way it becomes clear how much water is required or available per catchment area, and which measures could be explored best to accommodate for that. Based on this information Acacia Water manage to support the newly established local water authorities with water management, which in the longer run leads to improved water availability at local level.


The success of measures for water availability is not only depending on the amount of water. Potential environmental effects, social changes and the impact of potential conflicts also play a role. Actual feasibility of the measures is established by comparing different scenarios, in which these and other boundary conditions are factored in.


First project and model results are expected in the summer of 2016. At this moment our colleague Reinier Visser is in Sudan to determine – together with the local authorities, project partners and communities –  which interventions and water management strategies locally are most adequate and feasible.”

In the field in Sudan In the field in Sudan
Khartoum, Sudan Khartoum, Sudan
Reinier giving training in Khartoum Reinier giving training in Khartoum