Increasing the soil fertility with a Fani Microbarrage

3R - Recharge, Retention and Reuse in Mali

Recharge, Retention and Reuse of water are the three core components of 3R. The 3R concept is applied in regions threatened by water scarcity. The implementation of practical interventions contributes to an innovative and sustainable approach to water management. In practice, 3R means collecting and storing water excess, while making it available during periods of drought. In Mali the 3R concept has been implemented to support local food production.


Different techniques can be implemented to augment freshwater availability. Per project the most appropriate set of measures is determined through an integrated assessment. In the Koulikoro Region in Mali a ‘fani microbarrage’ was renewed. A ‘fani microbarrage’ is a small-scale dam which is placed in the riverbed to collect and store water.


Through the renewal of the dam discharge peaks are levelled out. Consequently, downstream erosion processes are slowed down improving soil fertility. The water stored can be used for irrigation purposes. Overall, the dam supports the preservation of soil fertility and augments freshwater availability.


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Fani dam na regentijd Fani dam na regentijd